Project development

InPlanta has extensive experience in five consultancy areas: Corporate Finance, Strategy, Organisation, Governance, and Communication.

In our experience, having knowledge of these five areas is crucial to tackle projects that require ensuring that all components fit from the start in order to generate and obtain value.

Most consultancy work is carried out by junior teams with very limited dedicated senior time, applying overly “prêt-à-porter” solutions. In InPlanta we believe that this restricts to a large extent the impact and value of this work, which often ultimately provide nothing but obsolete documents.

InPlanta places particular emphasis on the creation of consultancy teams in which the involvement of relevant members of the client’s organisation is crucial. In addition, the profiles, experience, and skills of the InPlanta staff are clearly differential with respect to other consultancy firms.

We tend to prefer short, focused projects that emphasise the initial definition, analysis, and goal stages, providing the tools, methodologies, and data for the organisation staff to carry out the bulk of the work. A rigorous work and follow-up system is set up to monitor progress and results.