Global Morphological Analysis

Global Morphological Analysis (GMA) is a methodology that is particularly suitable to approach what are known as “wicked problems”. This type of problems and situations, which are increasingly frequent in companies and organisations of any kind, arises when the very formulation of the problem is highly changing, many and very diverse stakeholders must inevitably be involved in its resolution, there are non-soluble uncertainties, there is no possible experimentation with solutions, etc.

In InPlanta we have successfully applied GMA in strategy, innovation, organisation, product and service design, and other projects. These are usually short but highly focused projects that are very demanding for the team involved. The final deliverable for the client, in addition to a computer tool that enables the client to continue to apply this technique by himself, is the specification of much better defined solution space on which more effective scenario analysis can be later performed.

Global Morphological Analysis is also a methodology that is very compatible with other methodologies once the solution space has been defined. It is also a good practice that fits in well in the initial stages of strategic planning processes, ensuring that they are much more focused.