Business Development

The work carried out by InPlanta goes from the assessment of a business plan proposal or its joint development to its actual implementation.

We work in a range of situations that include new businesses, entry in new markets, growth and diversification plans, business unit spin-offs /carve-outs in incorporated companies, establishment of partnerships and joint ventures, etc.

These are usually situations that require moving fast and agilely, making no mistakes, with few (or no) resources, and a very limited team. For this reason, having people who have gone through similar situations, with extensive contact networks, criteria for action, and a constructive spirit is crucial.

In InPlanta we also have experience launching units public and public-private institutions which often overlook the need for suitable plans and teams.

Project development involves planning, management, reflection, control and supervision, as well as cautious improvisation, so integrating capacities from the start is crucial. In our experience, 80% of projects in their initial or early stages fail not because of a lack of financial resources, but due to the lack of a suitable team within a clear work scheme.