Consultancy projects

Sometimes InPlanta works as a consultancy firm, under a more traditional type of relation.

However, we like to say that we work as a special consultancy firm, as we are very demanding when it comes to three points that we believe are crucial, and we often find are overlooked:

  1. We believe that the value of consultancy services is only obtained if complete independence in terms of criteria and action is given (and respected by both parties).
  2. A senior management approach must be strictly followed, but ensuring at all times that all the stakeholders’ points of view are taken into account.
  3. Strict alignment of the work with the highest priorities must be ensured, avoiding the temptation of providing work of less added value.

InPlanta materialises these commitments through our fee level, which is significantly more competitive than our competitors’. This is because we believe that clients should not pay for “rubberstamping” but for the quality of the work done.