Main projects

Utilities Industry Other
  • Consumer credit growth strategy
  • Repositioning LaAm retail bank
  • Entry and launch strategy automobile insurance direct sale company
  • SME and Middle Market growth strategy
  • Electricity market liberalisation strategy
  • Electricity company pricing and P/S strategy
  • Public services company growth and diversification plan
  • Generation asset management strategy
  • International benchmarking generation, distribution, and commercial activities
  • Steel multinational growth and diversification strategy
  • Shipbuildign company repositioning strategy
  • Benchmarking growth patterns construction and services companies
  • Growth and diversification strategy for national distribution chain
  • Analysis and evaluation of growth and due diligence for industrial manufacturer of consumer goods
  • Definition and implementation of commercial operation model for universal bank
  • Organisation of management committees operation
  • Post-merger bank restructuring
  • Resizing and adjustment of bank and insurance company network
  • Structuring, coordination, and management of key commercial development projects
  • Design and implementation of electricity market organisation
  • Organisation of non-core activities for services multinational
  • Design and implementation of centralised supply unit
  • Creation and launch of continous improvement work groups in automobile parts company
  • Restructuring of construction and post-purchase services company
  • Design and launch of organisation of post-disinvestment industrial machine factories
  • Resizing of non-core activities for highly diversitifed commercial and industrial group
  • Design of credit risk analysis and decision-making systems and processes
  • Design and implementation of knowledge management system for insurance company
  • Comparison and analysis of backend systems for affluent bank
  • Design and launch of BE and FE system for affluent/private bank
  • Optimisation of operating processes for services and construction company
  • Optimisation of key commercial processes for electricity utility
  • Adaptation of operating and commercial procesess in post-privatisation company
  • Redesign of supply and logistics processes for construction company
  • Redesign and implementation of operating processes in public services company
  • Analysis of optimisation potential of logistics processes in distribution company
  • Redesign of manufacturing processes in textile company
  • Identification of best practices and extension in a network of retail distribution shops
  • Definition of profiles and positions for newly-created insurance company
  • Comparison of remuneration levels in national and international banks
  • Training plan for company managers network
  • Training plan for credit and risk analysts
  • Design of targets and incentives scheme for universal bank
  • Training plan in new competitive environments for electricity company
  • Design and implementation of new targets and incentives scheme in public services company
  • Continuous improvement incentives plan for industrial manufacturing company
  • Training plan in new organisation and processes for retail distributiom multinational
  • Restructuring of distribution group