Part of the InPlanta team have worked for a large part of their careers in international strategy consultancy firms. This background and training, but most importantly the direct experience of knowing what works and what does not work in the development of strategic processes, make us a valid partner for this type of work.

Furthermore, we at InPlanta are persuaded that the strategy that works is that which is carried out by the key staff in each client and organisation, as outsourcing external so-called experts is not of much use. This is crucial to ensure development and implementation, as strategy cannot be understood as something that is done every one, two, or three years. On the contrary, it should be something that is modulated and adapted over time.

For this reason InPlanta is particularly careful to ensure that strategy decisions are well aligned wtih the real capabilities of organisations, their true competitive advantages, their organisational structures, their main management processes and systems, as well as with the suitable assessment metrics. We at InPlanta are not bound by any methodology, process, or framework of reference for the development of competitive strategies.

Among other strategic issues, InPlanta have worked on:

  • Analysis of market structures, competitive dynamics, and value drivers
  • Establishment of strategic competitive factors; degree of differentiation and sustainability
  • Alignment with key capabilities and reflection in competitive advantages
  • Attack/defence strategies against competitive behaviours
  • Pricing strategies and other factors in value propositions
  • Market and industry entry/exit strategies
  • Design of growth plans
  • Suitable “make vs buy” mix; outsourcing vs in-house
  • Regulatory strategies