We have often come across conceptions of organisational work that restrict it essentially to matters of sizing and costs. Even though these are very important matters (and in fact, InPlanta have worked on several projects in these areas), we believe that any organisational work should be performed from the point of view of the structure and resources associated with the development of the strategy, management of the business and operational models, and value generation.

In this regard, we have often found that matters related to structure, to roles and responsibilities, to processes, to capabilities, and to sizing are often mixed up. We also see that the weight of “trendy” topics and the belief that some solutions are intrinsically better than others greatly restrict organisational thought.

InPlanta have a good database of organisational elements, such as organisation flow charts, sizing by function and process, activity costs, etc.

These are some examples of organisational work which InPlanta have carried out:

  • Design, modelling, and simulation of organisational options
  • Analysis of the strategy-structure-processes-capabilities-sizing alignment
  • Organisational benchmarking with external benchmarks
  • Roles and responsibilities of corporate centres, business units, support, etc.
  • Temporary structure and evolution approaches following M&As, disinvestment, expansion, etc.
  • Competitor monitoring