By governance we understand the role, goals, suitable metrics, capabilities, and operating processes and systems of all the bodies within an organisation which have some kind of responsibility in management, decision-making, legal and regulatory matters, etc.

In this respect, we have often seen a certain degree of laxity among the management teams and owners  of companies and organisations as regards key governance issues. In some cases, they believe that a well-defined strategy and an aligned, properly structured and sized organisation with the suitable capabilities are enough to reach their goals. In other cases, the situation is exactly the opposite, and the capacity of a governance model is overrated, while the other factors are not properly defined and aligned.

In our experience, company and institutional governance is something that is becoming increasingly important are regards legal, regulatory, reputational, and image matters. It is a key factor in the generation and capture of sustainable value.

These are some examples of governance projects led by InPlanta:

  • Definition of the roles and responsibilities of governance, management, control, and other bodies
  • Alternative governance models
  • Definition of suitable assessment metrics
  • Comparison of models and best practices
  • Temporary support in certain governance matters
  • Design and launch of suitable informational systems for governance
  • Support in the selection of teams for various governance bodies