Corporate Finance

We have often found ourselves in projects (be they growth, diversification, restructuring, or new business projects) that, in order to obtain maximum value, require designing and articulating solutions within the field of corporate finance to specify the best way to generate and capture value.

We have seen that often this point of view is left too late, all the potential financing options are not examined, it is not clear what the key value generating factors and the arguments for various funding providers are, there is no well developed equity story, etc.

For this reason, InPlanta has a team of people with a background in venture capital investment banking, structured and international financing, as well as in the search and procurement of funding. We have also compiled an extensive database of transaction prices, industry multiples, value metrics, and financial ratios.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of some of the areas in which InPlanta has experience in the field of corporate finance:

  • Appraisal of companies, business units, startups, carve-outs
  • Due dilligence; integration of/with external experts
  • Optimal financing structures: capital mix, own resources, debt, etc.
  • Funding strategy; financing round strategy
  • Identification of and search for private partners nationally and internationally
  • Development of suitable arguments and support and assistance in meetings
  • Drafting of documents for institutional international funding
  • Drafting of selling memoranda
  • MBO/MBI processes
  • Preparation for flotation or market entry; development of equity stories
  • Finance restructuring; negotiation with banks and other capital providers