In our view, all matters pertaining to communications are all too often overlooked and underrated by many organisations. Often, communication needs and the capacity to influence non-traditional stakeholders are neither considered nor understood. It is as if communication was seen as a lesser evil, which only involves clients and at most employees. However, there are more and more communication channels, more and more stakeholders to be taken into account, and the impact of bad communication are increasingly immediate and hard-hitting.

InPlanta have a small team of people with a background in corporate communications, intangibles, linguistics, discourse analysis, etc. Moreover, we have developed a proprietary algorithm to measure the effectiveness of a company’s or an organisation’s communication on the basis of its goals.

These are some of the communication issues which InPlanta have dealt with:

  • Identification of communication needs regarding stakeholders
  • Creation of discourses and narratives
  • Comparison with competitors and/or benchmarks
  • Analysis of communication coherence, consistency, and effectiveness; benchmarking
  • Suitable channel mix
  • Crisis communication
  • Communication training